April 18, 2024

Spring is finally here, and after semi-hibernating, homeowners are about to get more active again. Now is a good time to ensure your plumbing system can handle the everyday stress of daily living with a professional drain cleaning. After all, no matter how new your appliances and fixtures are, they’ll become useless with a serious drain clog.

Plumbing professionals recommend an annual drain cleaning to remove buildup, purge pipes, and flush out any possible blockages. A drain cleaning will also expose hidden problems such as water leaks, loose connections, and other damage. The process is simple and inexpensive and can save you time and money in the long run.

What to Expect From a Professional Drain Cleaning

When called to deal with an emergency clog, a professional plumber typically employs tools like a drain snake or motorized auger to address them. These methods clear obstructions without resorting to environmentally harmful chemicals, which is better for your plumbing and safer.

Alternatively, when completing an annual drain cleaning, a professional employs more advanced methods like hydrojetting to effectively maintain a homeowner’s plumbing system. Hydrojetting involves using high-pressure water streams to blast away stubborn clogs, residue, and buildup within the pipes.

By harnessing water pressure of up to 4000 psi, this method can dislodge even the most entrenched debris, including grease and mineral deposits. This thorough cleaning clears existing blockages and helps prevent future plumbing issues, promoting optimal flow and drainage. Hydrojetting offers homeowners an efficient solution for keeping their plumbing systems in top condition.

Common Items Drain Cleaning Removes

Professional drain cleaning targets removing various substances that accumulate in your pipes.

Food Waste

Fibrous vegetables, egg shells, coffee grounds, nuts, starches, and meat bones are a few of the substances that don’t break down in your pipes.


Contrary to common belief, grease can’t be flushed away with hot water and dishwashing liquid. Grease residue will stay on the inner pipe wall even after flushing pipes with soapy hot water. The grease builds up and hardens over time and becomes hard to remove.

Buildup of Minerals

If your household has hard water, it contains significant amounts of dissolved minerals, including magnesium and calcium. These minerals are left behind as water flows through your pipe system. The minerals build up over time and can contribute to blockages.

Soap Residue

Chunks of soap can get stuck and accumulate with other soap residues to grow thicker and become more obstructive. Bar soap characteristically re-solidifies and leads to clumping to form one large mass. The soap will eventually cause a clog, requiring the services of a plumber.

Small Objects

Small objects that accidentally get flushed down the toilet or fall through a drain without a guard can end up in your drains and cause a clog in the pipes. This is an especially common occurrence in households with small children.

Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning

Professional drain cleaning is a practice that is about more than removing clogs from pipes. You’ll appreciate benefits like the following by scheduling an annual drain cleaning this spring.

Eliminate Foul Odors and Drain Bugs

Soap scum, hair, and other organic matter go down your bathtub drain, and dirt and grime get washed down your bathroom sink. When minor clogs occur, these materials become stuck in your pipes.

Bacteria eat away at these organic materials as they begin to degrade, resulting in nasty odors emanating from the drains. In addition to this issue, some bugs, such as cockroaches, feed on organic material in drain pipes. Lack of plumbing maintenance can lead to an infestation. A professional cleaning can eliminate the sources of unpleasant odors and food sources in your plumbing system.

Safer and More Effective

Store-bought drain cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can damage your plumbing system. They can cause your pipes to corrode and lead to leaks and burst pipes.

Another consideration is that these cleaners often provide only temporary relief from plumbing issues because they break down blockages without addressing the underlying cause. Additionally, certain types of clogs, such as those caused by hair buildup, may prove resistant to chemical cleaners, rendering them ineffective. A professional drain cleaning addresses the root causes of plumbing problems and won’t involve harsh chemicals that may corrode your pipes.

Saves You Time and Money

Annual drain cleaning addresses potential clogs and blockages before they escalate into serious plumbing issues. When your shower stops draining properly or the toilet becomes clogged, it interrupts your family’s daily routine. In addition, a time-consuming emergency call to the plumber can be expensive.

Protects Plumbing Fixtures and Appliances

Regular drain maintenance ensures optimal performance and longevity of plumbing fixtures like shower heads and faucets, eliminating the cost of frequent replacements. Additionally, regular maintenance prevents clogs from forming within your appliance’s internal components, reducing wear and tear and extending their lifespan.

Protects Floors and Walls From Damage

Water that overflows from a clogged toilet or sink has to go somewhere, and it ends up on your floors and walls. Most flooring and walls are not made of materials resistant to water. Water damage can make floors weak due to rot and stain walls.

Further, all that moisture can cause mold to grow, which is unsightly and can lead to poor indoor air quality. Portions of your walls and flooring will have to be replaced, which can be expensive. A professional drain cleaning will eliminate the worry of water damage.

Prevents Water and Air Pressure Buildup

Because air and water pressure build up naturally in plumbing systems, contractors place vents in plumbing to release the pressure. A blockage can keep the vents from functioning properly. If pressure builds up in your pipes, it can cause burst pipes, loose connections, and structural damage.

Speeds Up Drains

Slow-draining pipes can cause standing water in the tub when you shower, making it difficult to perform household tasks such as laundry and dishwashing. A professional drain cleaning can avoid the frustration of slow-draining pipes.

Improves Water Quality

Professional drain cleaning significantly improves water quality by effectively removing contaminants and sediments that accumulate within the drains over time. As water flows through the plumbing system, it picks up debris, which can settle and adhere to the inner surfaces of your pipes. These contaminants not only contribute to foul odors but also compromise the purity of the water supply. Professional plumbers can dislodge and flush out these accumulated substances by thoroughly cleaning the drains with specialized equipment and techniques, ensuring cleaner, fresher water for your family.

Contact the Professionals

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