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Common HVAC & Plumbing Questions from Our Henderson Customers

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There are several reasons that it could be leaking. Usually, it is just because of a flapper that is not seated correctly or possibly the toilet lever isn’t installed properly which isn’t allowing the flapper to seat correctly. This is usually an easy adjustment that can be performed by a homeowner.

Sometimes a garbage disposal will stop working altogether and there are a few things to check before condemning it. First, there is usually a button on the bottom of it that acts like a fuse. If the garbage disposal is completely jammed due to something hard “stopping” it like silverware or a piece of broken glass, and even sometimes a smaller foreign object the button will “trip”, and you can try resetting it. Also, you will want to confirm that there is power to the outlet that the garbage disposal is plugged into. If this doesn’t do the trick then you’ll want to call a plumbing professional to take a look and fully diagnose it.

Water in Las Vegas and Henderson is considered very “hard” due to it containing a large amount of calcium and magnesium. These minerals are safe but do cause “hard water” spots once the water dries up and evaporates. The solution to this is to have a water softener that is properly sized for your home.

This question is a little tough to answer, but here are the main things to check. First, make sure that all your fixtures are off in your home (no running water). Go to your meter and see if the triangle inside of it is spinning. If there is no running water in your home the triangle should be still. If it is spinning it typically means that you may have a leak in your home or on your property. Common areas are your toilet running, a landscaping fixture, a pool pump, and your main water line. You can look and see if there is anything obvious, and if nothing is found then you should contact an expert plumber to inspect everything for you.

If you have hot water to all your house, but not to one faucet or shower it typically means that you may have a faulty cartridge. Usually due to the long term corrosiveness of the water in Las Vegas, the hard minerals in the water or from lack of use a cartridge will become faulty and possibly need to be replaced.

Dry air is one of the biggest issues in Las Vegas and Henderson. It is recommended to have the indoor humidity between 30% and 50% for health reasons. Your mucus membranes get dried out if the humidity is lower which raises the potential for germs to enter your body. A common solution is to purchase humidifiers for either every room or a whole-house humidifier that addresses the entire home.

You should use the highest quality filter you can buy and change it monthly. There are many filters on the market and the higher the quality the better. This helps protect your HVAC equipment which is very susceptible to getting dirty and potentially damaged and to help have good indoor air quality.

You should absolutely have your Air Conditioner and your Furnace inspected every single year. There are so many components in your Air Conditioning and heating systems, and most are smaller components that start to fail after a while. These should be inspected so that they do not put a strain or cause a major failure with the larger more expensive tors. The refrigerant level should be tested to ensure that your system will be operating with the right amount, and of course the outdoor and indoor equipment should be inspected for cleanliness to make sure that everything will be operating smoothly and efficiently. If you have a gas furnace, then you should have it inspected every year for safety. There are a series of components and motors that are designed to prevent any hazards, and it’s always better to be on the safe side with a checkup.

For energy efficiency, the recommendation is to set your thermostat to 78 degrees. Of course, you should be as comfortable as you like, but you will want to consider that for every degree higher you can tolerate you will save from 3%-7% on your energy usage. Making sure that your system has been serviced and is operating at peak efficiency can help offset some of this cost.

There are several reasons why this could be happening. More than likely it is an original duct design flaw. Normally, a duct system is supposed to be designed to allow proper airflow to every room by considering the size of the rooms, the exposure to the sun, and what the room’s original intention is such as a bathroom, bedroom or closet. This is a correction that can easily be made by a qualified air conditioning company with permanent results.

Unusual/undesirable plumbing related smells can be difficult to diagnose. An odor is typically an indication of a break in a drain or vent line or improper installation of a drain line or vent line. There are a few diagnostics procedures that a trained technician can perform in order to attempt to pinpoint the cause of the odor.

Yes, our technicians are available for emergency repair services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We offer a wide variety of products from the leading brands in the industry, including Amana, Goodman, Daikin, York, Coleman, Trane, American Standard, Carrier, Lennox, Rheem, Aprilaire, Honeywell, Bradford White, Mitsubishi, and Fijitsu.

Yes, regular maintenance of your heating and air conditioning equipment ensures that your system operates at peak efficiency each year. Well-maintained equipment operates more efficiently, which improves comfort and helps to lower your utility bills.

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