May 23, 2024

Homeowners in the Las Vegas, NV, area rely on their HVAC system daily to keep their homes comfortable. As temperatures fluctuate from hot during the day to cool in the evening hours, it’s common to switch between air conditioning and heat over the course of 24 hours. To ensure that your home is healthy as well as comfortable, indoor air quality should be a concern. Having your ductwork cleaned periodically can help improve indoor air quality as well as provide other benefits.

What Does a Duct Cleaning Entail?

A duct cleaning usually takes place once every few years. You may need to clean your ductwork more often if you have pets or live somewhere with poor air quality. The process involves cleaning various components, including the ducts, registers, diffusers, intakes, etc. A thorough inspection is also performed, making sure there is no damage to the existing ductwork setup. If damage exists, repairs can be made that will prevent air from escaping your ducts before it reaches your living space. Ductwork may need to be replaced at some point as your home ages, and a professional can keep you informed regarding when this should be done.

Companies use different products while cleaning ductwork. It’s common for disinfectant to be used within the ductwork system. This will kill any bacteria or pathogens that are inside and could be making you and your family sick. There are other products that can be applied that will prevent mold growth. If you’re concerned with the safety of the products that are being used in your home, you can speak with our trusted HVAC technicians. However, we can assure you that only the best and safest materials are selected.

Duct Cleanings and Air Quality

As your HVAC system runs, particulates like dust, pet dander, mold spores, and pollen will accumulate inside your furnace and ducts. If you neglect to clean these particulates, this can lead to your indoor air quality becoming compromised. If you’re someone who suffers from allergies, poor indoor air quality can lead to an increase in symptoms such as a runny nose, stuffy sinuses, and itchy eyes.

Improved Equipment Efficiency

As particulates accumulate, your HVAC equipment may need to work harder to function. Dust and other materials on the inner components of your HVAC system (the blower motor, electrical connections, etc.) can impede proper function. This can lead to decreased efficiency, which increases your monthly utility bills. Not to mention, a less efficient system may break down more frequently. This leads to higher repair costs over time. While homeowners often skip professional duct cleaning, thinking that they’re saving money, they’re just going to be spending the money on repairs instead. It’s ideal that you take a proactive approach as a homeowner. This will protect your heating and cooling equipment for years to come.

Improved Air Circulation

When air passes more freely through your ductwork, conditioned air flows throughout the various rooms of your home with greater ease. With regular cleanings, you should notice that air circulation improves. This equates to more even temperatures throughout the residence.

Preventing and Addressing Mold Growth

As moisture, dust, and other particulates accumulate in your ductwork, this can promote mold growth. Mold is an extreme health risk and spreads very quickly. Regular cleanings will remove the start of any mold growth, and our technicians will alert you if there is a mold problem in your home that needs to be addressed. We recommend correcting humidity concerns with a dehumidifier. There are whole-home units that can tackle moisture on a large-scale basis. This may be preferable to stand-alone units that must be placed in individual rooms and emptied frequently.

Increasing the Longevity of Your HVAC System

Properly maintaining your ductwork will help protect the integrity of your furnace and air conditioning equipment. This can lead to fewer repairs and a longer life span overall.

Promoting a Cleaner Home

We don’t come across many homeowners who enjoy cleaning the interior of their homes. When you invest in duct cleaning, though, this can lead to cleaner surfaces throughout your residence — meaning you won’t have to clean as often. This also helps reduce your exposure to allergens.

Increasing the Value of Your Home

If you plan on selling your home at any point, it’s helpful to emphasize that you performed regular ductwork cleanings and inspections. This can boost the resale value and make your home look more tempting to potential buyers.

Maintaining Warranties

There may be warranty coverage on different parts of your HVAC system, including your ductwork. However, this coverage is often voided when routine maintenance isn’t performed on a regular basis. You can inquire with the HVAC company that installed your system and ductwork to find out what kind of criteria are in place. Also, keep a record of your duct cleaning appointments so that you can prove their history.

When Is It Time for New Ductwork?

While an HVAC professional can repair minor issues that are found within the structure of your ductwork, there may come a time when you will need to replace some of your ductwork. Some of the reasons ductwork replacement is necessary include the following.

Rusted or Worn-Out Material

If large portions of your ductwork are rusted or the material is showing signs of breaking down, repairs aren’t going to be enough. We suggest replacing those affected sections. It may not be necessary to replace your entire ducting setup. A professional can let you know the extent of the work that needs to be performed.

Extensive Mold

There is mold remediation that can be performed if spores are found within your ductwork. However, extensive mold may require you to have your ductwork removed and replaced. It really depends on the extent of the mold growth and whether or not it can be adequately removed.

Multiple Leaks

If our HVAC technicians determine that you have multiple leaks throughout your HVAC system, they may recommend that you have your ductwork replaced. Some products can be used to seal leaks, but this method is generally used for small-scale repairs.

High Levels of Humidity Within the Ducts

If you have a dehumidifier installed on your HVAC system but it has been determined that you’re still having issues with high levels of moisture in your ducts, replacing your ductwork with a newer and more sealed system will likely remedy the problem. The moisture is probably coming from various gaps and cracks in your ductwork that have come about from ongoing wear and tear.

Our Services in Las Vegas

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of regular duct cleanings, reach out to the team at BEST Air Conditioning Plumbing Repair. We would be happy to schedule an appointment that is convenient for you, helping you improve the quality and comfort of your indoor air. In addition to routine duct cleanings, we also provide the installation of new HVAC equipment, repairs when needed, and routine maintenance. We also offer a complete line of plumbing services. We’re dedicated to ensuring that your Las Vegas home is as healthy as it is safe. Give us a call today.

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