January 14, 2024
The Benefits of Installing a Greywater System

Greywater systems reuse gently used water from your sinks, baths, dishwashers, and washing machines for non-potable purposes, such as plumbing and watering the lawn. In turn, this helps save you money and is better for the planet. In this short guide, we will go over the benefits of having a greywater system installed at your home.

How Greywater Systems Work

Before we get into some of the benefits of a greywater system, we will discuss how they work. There are three ways to set up a greywater system. The first is simply using a bucket to collect the water yourself from your sink, bath, or washing machine and use it to water your lawn or flush the toilet. This is time-consuming, and not everyone would want the hassle. There are two other ways to automate this process and save you time.

Simple Piping

Your plumber can install a direct connection between your washing machine’s drain pipe and your lawn. This connection is made out of PVC pipes or polyethylene pipes to transport the greywater from the washer to your irrigation system in your yard and help keep it green and healthy. This type of system is low maintenance but can sometimes get clogged with residue. If you notice any slowing of your system or clogs, contact your trusted plumber for help.

Integrated Sewage and Piping

These more complex systems collect greywater from throughout your house, including sinks, showers, dishwashers, and your washer, and store it in a tank for irrigation. Your toilet can also be set up to use greywater to flush. The greywater system filters any debris, such as lint and hair, from the water before storing it in the tank to bring to your lawn. The water is typically stored for up to 24 hours to prevent bacterial growth. Storage tanks can be treated with chlorine or iodine to hold the water for longer periods.

Since it is fully integrated into your plumbing, a greywater system has more places where it can get clogged by built-up residue from soap and other chemicals. If you notice water backing up anywhere, call your plumber for help. You can reduce the risk of backups by using organic or natural soaps and limiting your use of chemical products.

Types of Pipes Used

The types of piping used for greywater systems are typically made of plastic. You can use metal piping but it is more expensive and harder to work with. The most common types of pipes used are PVC(polyvinyl chloride), HDPE(high-density polyethylene), and ABS(acrylonitrile butadiene styrene). Regardless of the type of material that is used, these pipes have a thicker diameter of around 1.5 inches to help prevent clogs.

Benefits of a Greywater System

A greywater system can help lessen the strain on both a municipal sewer system and a septic tank and help prolong the life of those systems as well while offering many other benefits.

Lower Water Usage

Using a greywater system can help you cut down on your freshwater usage, which can help improve the environment around you if enough people do it. By reusing greywater, you can help increase your water use efficiency, which in turn can help you save money. It also helps put less strain on the sewage system. On average, using a greywater system can save you up to 40,000 gallons of water a year.

Lower Water Bills

All the water you save through recycling can also help you save money on your water bills.

Less Energy Consumption

By recycling water, you can lower the energy needed to pump more water into your home. This lessens the load on water treatment centers, which can help them limit their own energy usage. In other words, over time, your greywater system can help lower the carbon footprint of not only your home but all of the water treatment plants in areas where people use greywater systems.

Reduced Chemical Usage

Greywater systems can help keep your lawn looking great, so you don’t need chemical fertilizers. When you use chemical fertilizers, it can affect how fertile your soil is over time. These fertilizers can interfere with the microbiome of your property and pollute groundwater. Using greywater is an eco-friendly alternative.

Healthier Yards and Plants

Living in the desert can make it hard to keep your grass looking green, but with a greywater system, you don’t have to worry! Since greywater systems drain into your yard, it keeps your grass and any plants properly watered even when it is dry. Although greywater should not be used to water vegetables or food crops, it is a great alternative for grass, trees, flowers, and other plants. Acid-loving plants, like hydrangeas and rhododendrons, may not thrive in greywater-treated areas since the soaps and detergents contained in greywater can be too alkaline.

You can connect your drip irrigation system to your greywater system to help provide your lawn and plants with water when and where they need it. You can water your plants not just on the surface but underneath the ground as well. Once your plants soak up the water they need, some of the unused greywater sinks further down into the groundwater, which helps to replenish it. Having enough groundwater is essential to help keep all the rivers and streams at healthier levels.

Produces Nutrients for Your Plants

Since greywater comes from the water in your sink, bath, and washer, it contains soap. The soap can add plant-essential nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorus, to your lawn and garden. These nutrients are essential for all plant life and will help keep your lawn lush, healthy, and green. Your lawn’s soil will naturally filter the greywater, removing any excess chemicals or contaminants that could harm your plants before reaching them. Microorganisms and bacteria in the soil feed off pathogens and pollutants, which can keep the water safe for your plants.

Professional Greywater Installation in Las Vegas

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