June 14, 2023
AC Installation in Las Vegas, NV

When you think about an HVAC system, what you picture in a home is going to vary drastically depending on where you live in the country. If you live in the southwest part of the country, you likely think that all HVAC systems get installed on the rooftop. However, if you’re from the eastern or northernmost parts of the country, you may be wondering why rooftop HVAC installation is so popular in southwest places like Nevada.

They Maximize Space

Residences that outline the city don’t tend to have a lot of outside recreational space. By placing HVAC systems on the roof, homeowners can enjoy having more space outside. This holds true as your air conditioning needs change over time, and you need to upgrade to a bigger unit. Homeowners don’t have to worry about losing more and more of their outdoor entertaining space to meet their new air conditioning demands.

They Reduce Noise

If you’ve ever heard an outdoor air conditioning unit run in the dead heat of the summer months, it can get quite loud. In fact, the noise level can make it difficult for you and your family to enjoy spending time outdoors. Even having a room close to the outdoor unit can allow noise to transfer inside and disrupt what you’re doing. Fortunately, with rooftop HVAC placement, you can greatly dampen the noise that your air conditioning unit makes while it’s running.

More Efficient Operation

If you’ve dealt with a ground air conditioning unit in the past, you know that they’re highly susceptible to getting clogged up with debris. This dirt and debris blows against the outside of your unit and gets forced up into its interior components through the various grates. This ends up reducing the overall performance of your system. When you have your HVAC system installed on your roof, you don’t have to worry about that. There isn’t a ton of debris on top of your roof that is going to get stuck against the exterior of your air conditioning unit.

More Security

When you have your HVAC unit placed on the ground outside of your home, it can be more easily accessed. With a rooftop installation, it’s much more difficult for vandals or thieves to access your unit. This is because it’s typically only accessible from the interior of your home or requires the placement of a large ladder, which is extremely noticeable.

Easier Maintenance

When HVAC systems are installed on the rooftop, all the system’s components are in one convenient location. This makes performing HVAC maintenance and even repair work much easier than systems with both inside and outside components. Plus, having your system on the rooftop provides more space for your AC technicians to work in than a unit that’s crammed next to a building or in a utility closet.

Lower Energy Bills

We all know that heat rises. When you have your AC system installed on your roof, this helps to take advantage of that natural process. Instead of having to force the warm air to a specific location in the lower level of your home, a rooftop AC system can let gravity take its course and effortlessly have that warm air rise to be treated. Even better, the cold air your air conditioning unit produces will naturally fall, making the cooling process even more efficient.

As a homeowner, the best part of this rooftop air conditioning system is that it helps to cool your home while expending less energy. This translates to lower utility bills for you to pay. And, since your air conditioning system is working less often, this will help to increase the overall lifespan of your system and reduce the amount of wear and tear on its internal parts.

Improved Home Value

Homes that have air conditioning systems installed on their roofs in Nevada tend to be seen as more valuable than homes that don’t. This is because homebuyers know the many advantages of rooftop HVAC systems, like lower energy bills and more outdoor recreational space. Investing in a rooftop HVAC system for your home can be a great way to enhance the overall value of your home while saving on your utility bills in the process.

Avoid Accidental Damage

One big problem with having AC units installed next to the exterior of your home is that they’re susceptible to unintentional damage. Whether you accidentally run into it with the lawnmower or your ball went off course and smashed right into it, there are many ways that your outdoor unit can be permanently damaged. Even a dog that routinely marks its territory on the unit can end up damaging its sensitive internal components. When an HVAC system is placed on the roof, it’s less susceptible to accidental damage by humans and pets.

Enhanced Unit Ventilation

Part of a well-functioning air conditioning system is adequate ventilation. When heat is transferred to your outdoor unit, it needs fresh air to extract that heat. When there isn’t a lot of ventilation around the unit, your air conditioning system will function less efficiently because it will struggle to get rid of its unwanted heat. Placing an air conditioning unit on the roof allows for optimal ventilation. You don’t have to worry about shrubbery, fencing, or other outdoor items hindering the necessary ventilation of your air conditioning system.

Fewer Pest Problems

Another great advantage of rooftop HVAC installation is that it reduces the risk of pest problems. Traditional ground units are susceptible to all rodents that can climb up into them. They can create nests that end up damaging and corroding the internal components of your system. When your unit is on the roof, it’s likely to have fewer pest problems.


Most rooftop HVAC systems have a modular structure. This means that they can be easily expanded upon in the future if you need more cooling capability. In addition, various modules can be easily installed on specific areas of your roof to help lower temperatures in areas where you’re struggling to adequately keep cool.

Longer Unit Lifespan

When comparing units that are placed on the rooftop to those that are placed on the ground, it becomes clear that rooftop systems tend to last longer. When you think about it, ground units are more susceptible to dirt and debris. This debris can blow inside the unit and prematurely wear out its internal components. When your HVAC system is placed on the roof, you don’t have to worry about unwanted dirt and debris getting inside it and wearing out your parts before they should be.

Professional HVAC Services

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