June 21, 2021
AC Reset in Las Vegas, Nevada

An efficient cooling system is essential for every Las Vegas home. When it’s sweltering hot, it can be frustrating for your AC unit to break down. Fortunately, you can solve some technical issues by resetting your system. Additionally, you may take advantage of a reset to reconfigure your air conditioner to optimize energy savings and comfort. Keep reading to learn how to reset your air conditioning system and some of the benefits.

Resetting During a Power Outage

During the summer, Las Vegas can be blistering hot, with highs of more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Unfortunately, power outages aren’t uncommon in the region. Wind and storms can cause utility lines to fall, leading to failures on the grid.

After the power outage, it helps to reset the cooling system to restore comfort in your house. It’s advisable to unplug the power before you restart your unit.

Most systems will have a reset button. It’s usually a small, red switch with the label “Push to Reset.” However, HVAC equipment may vary depending on the manufacturers. In case you can’t find it, you may get the information in the system’s manual.

Adjusting the System’s Thermostat

If you’ve tried resetting and the unit doesn’t start, you could solve the problem by resetting the thermostat. The device is responsible for communicating to the unit the current room temperature. It’s responsible for telling your cooling system when to run faster or slower, depending on the settings.

You can reset the thermostat by pushing the button for three seconds. If your unit is still not working, you may want to check the batteries. The device could also be faulty and may require repairs.

The placement of the thermostat can impact how it performs. If it’s under direct sunlight or near heat sources, the device will record incorrect temperatures. You can consult our NATE-certified technicians in Las Vegas if you’re having problems with your thermostat.

Resetting and Checking the Circuit Breaker

Sometimes, the reason your AC unit isn’t running is there’s an issue with your house’s HVAC circuit. So, it’s worth checking the circuit breaker, which can trip during a storm or an outage.

You can locate the breaker in your garage, laundry room closet, or basement. Find the switch labeled “air conditioner,” and then switch it off.

You ought to wait for approximately half an hour before turning on your air conditioner again. Your unit also has a breaker that will need some time to rest. The thermostat should, ideally, be a few degrees lower than room temperature. That way, the cooling system will start running as soon as you turn it on.

Resetting for Comfort and Energy Savings

One reason you may want to reset your system before summer is to optimize comfort and save energy. You can manage your home’s power consumption by turning down your thermostat after the reset. For example, you may reduce the device’s setting by 10 degrees when you get out of the house.

Summer is hot in Las Vegas, which makes temperature regulation very critical. An ideal temperature configuration for most homeowners is about 70 degrees. But, you can turn up the setting and use ceiling fans to manage power consumption while enhancing comfort.

The best option for Nevada residents would be to acquire a smart thermostat. A smart device can learn from your previous patterns to regulate temperatures more precisely. Our technicians in Las Vegas will be glad to explain the options suitable for your needs.

Emergencies and the Limits of a Reset

Before troubleshooting your AC unit, you need to understand there are limits to how much you can reset. There are some technical issues that resetting will not fix. For example, if your system keeps cycling, it could be an issue with your equipment’s components.

It’s advisable to switch off your air conditioner and seek professional help if the system isn’t responsive. You could damage your equipment if you try to fix it yourself. You also risk voiding your warranty if an inexperienced person repairs your AC unit. If you tamper with some components, it could pose a hazard in your house.

You can consult with BEST Air Conditioning Plumbing Repair in Las Vegas for air conditioning maintenance and repair. Our BBB-accredited team can propose quality solutions to enhance indoor comfort and keep your home cozy. We also offer products and services to improve indoor air quality. Call our top-rated team today for more information about our exceptional home comfort solutions in Las Vegas.

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