February 12, 2022
Clogged Drain in Las Vegas, NV

Few things are more frustrating than having a clogged drain. Not only does it prevent water from flowing freely, but it can also cause a major flooding problem. If your drains are constantly getting clogged, it might be time to take a closer look at your daily habits. Here are nine bad habits that could be ruining your drains and causing backups in your home.

1. Not Using Drain Covers

Drain covers are crucial for protecting your drain from any foreign objects that may fall in. Many of us have dropped small items into our drains without even realizing it, leading to all kinds of problems that are often expensive to fix.

To prevent this, make sure to put drain covers over all your drains. This is particularly important in kitchens because many people drop food down the drain. You can get covers for your drains at many hardware or home improvement stores. Not only does this prevent issues with clogged drains that are difficult to clean, but it also prevents vermin like rats and mice from entering your home through your pipes.

2. Putting Fats, Oils and Grease Down the Drain

When you’re cooking, it’s sometimes tempting to pour leftover fats and oils down the drain. However, this is one of the worst things you can do for your drainage pipes. The fats will solidify in your pipes and lead to clogs up and down the line.

Never pour fats, oils or grease down the drain. Instead, you can pour them into a container and wait for them to cool completely. Then, simply throw the solidified grease in the trash. Alternatively, you can have a professional install a residential grease trap in your home to prevent these kinds of issues.

3. Using Drain Cleaners Too Often

Drain cleaners are powerful chemicals that can break down built-up grime and clear your drain of some issues. However, most drain cleaners are not meant to be used more than a couple of times a year. Using too many drain cleaners can corrode and damage your pipes, so it’s best to only use them as sparingly as possible.

Remember, if you have chemical sensitivities, they might even irritate your skin or lungs. If you’re having issues with your drains, it’s time to try another method of cleaning them. Many people are surprised to find that plunging the drain is more effective than using chemicals. If this does not work, it may be time to call in a professional.

4. Putting Non-Biodegradable Items Down the Toilet

One of the biggest issues homeowners face is putting things down their drains that do not degrade. This is especially common with baby wipes, makeup pads and cotton swabs. These items don’t break down naturally. While you may think that it’s okay to put them into your toilet because they are small enough to fit through the opening, you’d be surprised at how quickly they can expand when they come in contact with water.

This buildup of non-biodegradable items can lead to all kinds of problems, including slow drains and clogs that are difficult to break apart. For this reason, it is best to avoid putting non-biodegradable items down any drain. If you need to dispose of any of the items mentioned above, it’s better to throw them in the trash instead.

5. Scraping Food Debris Into the Sink

While you may think that scraping your plates directly into the sink is a good way to save time, it puts food waste down the drain. While some foods will break down naturally, many of them will not melt away as easily as you think. Over time, this food waste can pile up and lead to serious issues.

Instead of scraping your plates directly into the sink, do it into a trash can. Alternatively, you can invest in a specially designed sink strainer that will catch food waste before it enters your drain.

6. Flushing Feminine Hygiene Products

Although they are convenient, feminine hygiene products can harm your drains. The pads and tampons may seem small enough to flush, but over time, they can form huge masses in your pipes that will eventually cause them to back up. Instead of flushing these items, consider keeping a trashcan next to your toilet to dispose of them.

7. Letting Hair Go Down the Drain

Hair is one of the easiest things to find in a clogged drain. While you might think it’s best to simply wash your hair and let everything go down the drain, this can cause clogs and backups. Instead, try setting up a routine for yourself. Every time you shampoo, collect the hair with a brush and place it in a plastic bag. When you have enough, simply throw the bag in the trash.

8. Not Doing Regular Maintenance

Problems with your drains don’t just happen. They are generally caused by neglecting to do regular maintenance on your pipes. Over time, your pipes can corrode or become damaged, which will lead to problems that are much more difficult to fix. Always keep an eye out for:

  • Odors coming from the drain
  • Slow draining sinks and showers
  • Slow draining toilets
  • Water backing up in the shower, tub or sink
  • Gurgling noises coming from the drain

If you notice any of these problems, it’s likely that something is wrong with your drain or pipes. Attempting to fix the problem yourself could result in making things worse, so always contact a professional instead.

You should also schedule a yearly inspection of your drains even if you don’t experience any problems. This will ensure that small issues are caught before they lead to any big problems. If you are in Las Vegas or the surrounding areas, call BEST Air Conditioning Plumbing Repair today for a drain inspection appointment.

9. Not Seeking Professional Help for Drain Issues

Quick fixes are great for many problems, but they shouldn’t be used on your drains. Some DIY fixes might seem as if they’re getting the job done, but in reality, you could be making things worse for yourself in the long run. Instead of taking chances with harsh chemical drain cleaners or quick fixes, contact a professional company specializing in drain cleaning and repairs. You’ll be glad you did.

Never Ignore a Drain Problem

When it comes to your drains, you need to tackle any problems right away. If you leave small clogs alone, they will only get worse and become more expensive and harder to fix. The best thing to do is contact a professional company specializing in drain work and have them take care of any problems you are having.

At BEST Air Conditioning Plumbing Repair, we offer a number of plumbing services, including drain cleaning and repair, water line and gas line repair, toilet repair and installation, fixture repair and replacement, water heater installation and repair, water filtration and code corrections. All our plumbers are certified and equipped with the most modern tools and technology to provide you with superior service. We aim to ensure that we meet all your plumbing needs and requirements so that you can go about your day effortlessly. Don’t forget that we also perform both heating and cooling installation, maintenance and repair. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

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