December 18, 2022

8 Easy Ways to Keep Your Sewer Lines Clean

Clogged or broken sewer lines are a homeowner’s worst nightmare. From grease buildup to tree root growth, there are so many things that can harm your sewer lines. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to keep your system clean so you can avoid sewer line damage. Here are eight helpful tips for keeping your sewer lines clean and free of blockages.

1. Don’t Put Food Down the Drain

Even if you have a garbage disposal, you should refrain from putting food down the drain if you want to keep your sewer lines clean. Food waste is one of the main causes of clogged sewer lines because it can get caught in low areas of your system. Small crumbs probably won’t hurt your sewer system, but you should toss as much food as possible into the garbage before washing the dishes. Stringy foods like celery, coffee grounds, eggshells, and starchy vegetables are the top culprits for sewer line blockages. You should also avoid putting greasy food down the drain. Get in the habit of minimizing the amount of food that goes down the drain, and advise everyone in your home to do the same.

2. Watch What You Flush

Food waste can create a huge problem in the kitchen, and paper products can wreak havoc in your bathroom. If you want to avoid clogged sewer lines, you need to be extra careful about what you flush down the toilet. Baby wipes, dental floss, and even toilet paper can get stuck in your sewer system and cause a blockage. Even if the item is branded as flushable, it’s best to toss it in the trash can instead of putting it down the drain. You also need to be mindful of items falling into the toilet accidentally. This is a common cause of sewer line problems, so be sure to keep small items like combs and floss picks away from your toilet.

Two-ply toilet paper is the popular and most comfortable choice for consumers, but it may not be great for the health of your sewer system. Most two-ply toilet paper is too thick and heavy to move efficiently through your sewer lines. If you have a lot of tree root growth or low areas, two-ply can accumulate and form a nasty blockage. If you want to avoid sewer line blockages, one of the best things you can do is switch to one-ply toilet paper.

3. Use High Flush Volume

Water-efficient or low-flush toilets can be helpful for the environment, but they may not work well with your sewer system. If your sewer system has multiple low areas, a low-flush toilet won’t provide enough water pressure to push waste through the pipes. Making an effort to save water is commendable, but if it’s causing problems with your sewer system, you need to switch to a high-flush toilet. If your sewer system is old or has a waste drain slope that is too steep, you must use a high-flush toilet for your sewer system to function properly.

4. Use Mesh Covers Over Drains

An accumulation of human hair is one of the primary causes of drain clogs. Brushing, combing, and cutting hair over a bathroom sink contributes to the problem. Washing your hair in the shower or bath loosens strands that make their way down the drain. This issue is easily preventable by investing in an inexpensive mesh cover to place over the drains.

5. Trim Tree Roots

If you want to keep your sewer lines clean, you have to address one of the most common causes of sewer line blockages. Tree roots can grow into your septic system and damage your sewer lines, so it’s important to have roots removed from your sewer system regularly. If you live in Las Vegas or the surrounding area, you can hire BEST Air Conditioning Plumbing Repair to professionally remove tree root growth from your sewer lines, which will prevent future clogs and cracks. Some experts advise removing all trees and shrubs growing near the septic system, but this can lead to other problems. Trees provide privacy and shade for your home and increase your property value, so you may want to think twice before chopping everything down.

6. Flush Your System

You can perform a monthly flush to clear out blockages in low areas of your sewer system. Doing this routine flushing will prevent your sewer system from backing up. It is simple and easy to flush out your sewer lines. All you have to do is fill up your washing machine, sinks, and bathtubs with water. Do not put clothes or soap in the water when you are doing the flush, and be sure to use cold water. Once your sinks, tubs, and washer are full, you will drain everything at the same time and flush all the toilets in your home. This method can be extremely helpful for preventing blockages and clogs if you have low areas in your sewer system. However, this is not a permanent fix for serious sewer issues. If you have ongoing problems with your sewer lines, you should contact one of our professionals as soon as possible.

7. Clean Your Pipes

If you have a serious clog in your sewer line, dumping a harsh cleaner down the drain won’t solve the problem. If your sewer lines keep getting clogged, you should contact us immediately. While products like Drano and Liquid Plumber won’t fix severe sewer line issues, they can be helpful for cleaning your pipes every once in a while. The key is to use these products sparingly. Repeated use can cause pipe corrosion and cracks, and most plumbers advise against using them at all. If you need to have your sewer lines more thoroughly cleaned, the best and safest option is to contact BEST Air Conditioning Plumbing Repair for drain and sewer line maintenance services in Las Vegas.

8. Avoid Fat, Oil, and Grease

Known in the plumbing industry as FOG, fat, oil, and grease can be your septic system’s worst nightmare. Grease, fat, and oil should be wiped off with a paper towel and thrown in the garbage. You can also pour the oil and grease into a disposable container rather than pouring it down the sink. When you have FOG in your pipes, other food particles can stick to this and cause a blockage. These substances can accumulate and harden in your pipes, so you should make a strong effort to wipe off greasy dishes before washing them. Avoid putting fat, grease, and oil down your drain to prevent clogs in your pipes and keep your sewer system clean.

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Even when you try your best to keep your sewer lines clean, you may experience a clog from time to time. If your sewer lines are cracked or clogged, you can rely on us for timely repair services. BEST Air Conditioning Plumbing Repair offers expert plumbing installation, repair, and maintenance services in Las Vegas. We also offer heating and cooling, indoor air quality, and duct sealing services. Our technicians are NATE-certified, reliable, and experienced, and our company is certified by the EPA. Contact BEST Air Conditioning Plumbing Repair today to make an appointment.

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