January 21, 2021

Things go wrong with plumbing systems, which could frustrate many homeowners. Plumbing repairs are often unavoidable, as pipes, lines, and fixtures might suffer from wear and tear. And then there are avoidable plumbing disasters. Unfortunately, homeowners may contribute to damage inflicted on a plumbing system.

Here is a look at some common ways to possibly avoid damaging a plumbing system and, hopefully, avoiding unnecessary plumbing repair jobs.

Avoid Neglecting Routine Plumbing Care

Plumbing systems may age, which leads to wear. Other factors, such as excess moisture or even ground shifting, could cause issues with pipes. Pipes may become rusty due to several reasons, and valves might stop doing their intended jobs. Keeping on top of plumbing maintenance could cut down on damage. Becoming neglectful, however, might contribute to damage expanding significantly.

A homeowner might not think there’s anything wrong with the pipes, even though the problems could be significant. Sometimes, a professional assessment provides the only way to figure out how serious things are.

One way to avoid problems from becoming worse involves contacting a plumbing company to perform a routine inspection. Requesting a plumbing inspection once every two years might lead to discovering previously unknown problems. After finding the issues, the next step could involve getting things fixed.

Skip any DIY Steps

A professional plumber brings training, experience, and know-how to a job. Someone trying to use a “help guide” to fix an issue in his/her house probably lacks all three. Trying to figure out how to perform a “simple” repair job might lead to an even worse catastrophe. Besides botching the fix, a homeowner might damage other parts of the system. Now, more repairs and costs become necessary.

And then there’s the safety issue to consider. Not using the right tools the right way and fumbling through a repair job might cause an injury.

BEST Air Conditioning Plumbing Repair provides a wide range of plumbing repairs, including drain, fixture, and water line work. Las Vegas and nearby residents have a company looking out for them and their homes.

Don’t Pour Chemical Cleaners Down Drains

Not all clogs will break up when exposed to chemical dissolvents. A drain snake, a tool plumbers know how to use, may be necessary. Homeowners who pour more and more chemicals down the drains to no avail might end up causing damage to the pipes. Even worse, the fumes from the chemical cleaners may create safety hazards inside the home.

And then some pour chemical cleaners into a toilet, which could turn out to be a catastrophe. An inappropriate fix may do little more than making an already troubling situation worse.

Never Use the Toilet as an All-Purpose Disposal Unit

Since there’s a bathroom not too far from the kitchen, why not flush some organic garbage like food scraps or grease? Would a toilet be okay to flush disposable rubber gloves after a day’s cleaning? Not likely, as doing so could create a clog. Clogs may lead to overflows and other problems. Toilets don’t work as all-purpose disposal systems, so dispose of refuse the right way.

Keep From Working the Garbage Disposal Too Hard

Garbage disposals provide a convenient way to get rid of some organic refuse in the kitchen. Jamming “tons” of kitchen waste down a garbage disposal could lead to ruining one. The motor can only take so much, and some things belong in the dumpster and not a garbage disposal.

Don’t Make Home Improvement Mistakes

Planting a tree may add to the look and curbside appeal of a home. Putting a tree into the ground might also set a course for some unexpected problems. Trees have roots, and they grow, too. Roots could cause damage to sidewalks and, yes, underground pipes. Planting trees in the wrong spot might lead to a plumbing disaster down the road.

Not Shutting Off the Water When Away From Home

Leaks could occur when a homeowner takes a trip. Imagine a pressurized leak starts soon after someone goes away for a two-week vacation. Why not turn the water off before leaving. A plumber could use a curb stop key to perform the job without much effort.

BEST Air Conditioning Plumbing Repair not only wants to assist Las Vegas residents with plumbing needs, but we also handle gas line repairs, indoor air quality checks, and duct sealing. We’ve been here since 2016, and our NATE-certified technicians await your call. Contact our offices for an estimate right now.

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