Plumbing Code Corrections in Las Vegas

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Plumbing Code CorrectionsPlumbing technology is always changing, and flaws in our designs will always expose themselves over time. As such, our plumbing codes and minimum requirements are always changing and updating in order to make sure the same mistakes don’t continue to threaten homes or businesses for many years to come. If you own an older home or business building, there’s a pretty strong chance it was built using plumbing codes that are significantly different from those of today, and likewise, you probably have a number of code violations that need to be corrected. At BEST Air Conditioning Plumbing Repair, our Las Vegas plumbing code corrections team can bring your home or business up to date and keep you protected from potential risks from outdated standards.

The BEST team for Plumbing Code Corrections in Las VegasAt BEST Air Conditioning Plumbing Repair, we’re your local plumbing code experts. Every technician we employ undergoes multiple hours of training and education every year in order to stay current with all plumbing codes and standards. We want every service we provide to genuinely be the best it can be, and that includes ensuring they are up to all current standards for safety and functionality. When you’re facing a serious problem due to an outdated standard or you’re looking to sell your property and can’t because of code issues, we make sure to take care of whatever problem you’re having quickly and effectively. Plus we also take great pride in our customer service, and we go above and beyond to ensure you’re completely satisfied with our visit.
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We Correct All Types of Code Violations

At BEST Air Conditioning Plumbing Repair, our Las Vegas plumbing code correction experts offer services for all aspects of your plumbing system. For the average person, plumbing codes may seem immense, complex, and overwhelming purely because of the sheer number of requirements and regulations on the books. However, you don’t have to worry about figuring out all of the various areas of your plumbing that need changed or corrected—our team does that for you. Our technicians can thoroughly inspect your system to find code issues of all shapes and sizes. Once we’re done, we report them to you clearly and plainly, so you know exactly what needs to be done.

Our Las Vegas plumbing team can help find all types of code violations, including common issues like:

  • Improper drain or sewer slope: If you don’t have a proper slope in your drain or sewer line, the water and waste that flows through it won’t ever reach your sewer main or septic system. Our team will check this slope to make sure it’s adequate and adheres to regulations.
  • Insufficient cleanout or access points: Every building is required to have a certain number of cleanouts (access points where a plumber can feed a cleaning tool into a drain line). If you don’t have enough of these to satisfy code requirements, we can install more.
  • Improperly placed cleanout locations: Cleanouts need to be installed in places where they aren’t a risk to your home. Got a cleanout installed near your electrical panel or in another high-risk location? We’ll move it to where it can be used safely.
  • Improper fittings: If a pipe is going to change direction, codes say that you must use a fitting that doesn’t hinder or impede the flow of water. If you’ve got low water pressure in one area in your home, our team can figure out of this common code violation is why.
  • Toilet clearance & spacing: Toilets are required to have a minimum of 15 inches of spacing in all directions except immediately behind. If you don’t have at least this much space, our team can move your toilet and the associated drain line to ensure there’s proper space.
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