Do you need fast leak detection in Boulder City, NV? Not all leaks are easy to notice. Sometimes, you won’t even know you have a leak until you get a suddenly astronomical water bill months later. Slab leak detection is particularly challenging since the pipes are entirely underground.

Plumbing leak detection services can locate any leak, no matter where it’s located and the size. From small, pinhole leaks losing just a few gallons to major pipe breaks dumping hundreds of gallons an hour.

Reliable Leak Detection in Boulder City

Over time pipes develop leaks. If your plumbing is original to your home, and your home is more than 70 years old, you probably need some of your pipes replaced. In ideal conditions, copper piping can last 70-80 years, but your home is rarely ideal.

In Boulder City, we have very hard water, which can put added wear on your pipes. If your pipes are at least 40 years old or show visible signs of wear, you might need professional leak detection services.

Slab leak detection looks at the pipes below your home, installed under your foundation. To find leaks in these pipes, plumbers often use a specially designed camera to scope out every inch of the pipe interior.

There are many signs that it might be time to schedule plumbing leak detection, including:
  • Increased water usage
  • Water pooling in unusual places
  • Pipes are old
  • Pipes are made from now banned materials

Galvanized steel, polybutylene, and cast iron are all materials no longer in use for transporting clean water. You may see cast iron used on sewer pipes, but never for water pipes. If your home has pipes made from any of these, they need immediate replacement and likely leak detection to determine every pipe that’s outdated.

Your Team for Reliable Plumbing Leak Detection

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If you need emergency slab leak detection services in Boulder City, contact the team at BEST Air Conditioning Plumbing Repair today. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!