October 15, 2019

You have a house full of guests dressed in their Halloween bests. When all of a sudden… your heater stops working. You may try and write this off as a Halloween spook; however, the really scary thing about this is that you have no heat, no idea why your heater stopped working, and no clue how to fix it. Don’t let this be your party. That’s where we, BEST Air Conditioning Plumbing Repair, come in.

Here is the BEST guide to home heating for the holidays.

Heating Hacks for Your Party

Close Your Curtains

It is only natural that you lose radiant heat through windows in your home; however, there is a way you can prevent radiant heat loss. By closing your window curtains in your home, you can create a layer of insulation, so you and your guests feel more comfortable.

Bake During Your Party

If your heater goes kaput during a party, start baking! Everyone will love the fresh treats and you will be able to heat your home. Your oven is a heat-generating appliance and will distribute warmth throughout your space!

Move Your Furniture

We all move furniture around for parties. This time, move your furniture away from windows. You naturally lose body heat through your windows, so moving furniture away from them will inherently make you feel warmer.

Pro’s of Professional Maintenance

Don’t run into an issue in the first place with preventative, professional maintenance. With annual upkeep, you won’t have to guess whether or not your heater will make it through the holidays. You’ll be confident it will.

Here are the benefits of habitual maintenance:

Extended Lifespan

When you properly maintain your unit, minor malfunctions are caught early. This makes the difference between a small repair and an entire unit replacement. Natural wear and tear are catalyzed when malfunctioning parts are left unnoticed and unrepaired. Replacement is avoidable. Contact BEST Air Conditioning Plumbing Repair for your HVAC repair.

Improved Air Quality

Your home air can be just as polluted as the air outside. Bacteria, dander, and dust accumulate in your system and can contaminate your air. Failing to regularly change your air filters or clean your heating unit will compromise you and your family’s health. Make sure you are replacing those air filters every month to protect your indoor air quality!

Lowered Utility Costs

When your heater is functioning with high efficiency, it uses less energy—which means you pay less to heat your home. With regular maintenance, your system will deliver clean, warm air at a low cost.

Repair or Replace?

Now, if you do happen to run into a heater fiasco during your holiday party, here is how you know whether or not your heater is repairable.

Your heater can be repaired if:

You smell a foul odor. If your home begins to smell like burning rubber or plastic, you simply have a broken electrical or mechanical feature within your heating system. However, do not let this problem persist, as your entire unit can breakdown if you leave issues such as this unresolved. BEST Air Conditioning Plumbing Repair technicians will repair your heater, and the smell will dissipate.

You hear loud, peculiar noises. Clanking, banging and screeching all signify that you have a loose part in your system. You will need to call for professional repair, but your system does not need replacing.

Your home has cold spots. When it comes to uneven temperatures within your home, you have a distribution problem. This issue can originate in your air ducts, but it can also result from a broken thermostat. Have an HVAC technician come to your house to diagnose the source of your uneven heating.

Your heater should be replaced if:

It is over 15 years old. Once your heater has hit the 15-year mark, it is no longer energy-efficient. New technology decreases energy use while increasing heating capabilities, lowering your utility costs. Even if your heating system has not broken down completely, upgrading your unit will save you money in the long run.

You keep having to call for repairs. If you have spent half the cost of a new system, on repairs, you need to replace your heating system.

Your system keeps shutting off. If you notice that your heating cycles keep getting shorter and shorter, it is time for a replacement. This is a sign your heater is on the verge of a breakdown.

For the BEST heater service in Las Vegas call BEST Air Conditioning Plumbing Repair, at 702-970-4911. We will diagnose your HVAC problem for free!

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