October 20, 2020

Humidity is a sign that there’s dampness in the air. To be comfortable, you need the right balance — not too humid and not too dry. While regions like Southern Nevada experience very dry summer air, this can change dramatically when rain or cloud cover occurs. This shift in weather can cause humidity inside the home.

Here in Las Vegas, many homeowners worry that their HVAC systems will make their homes even drier. Perhaps you have a humidifier and don’t want your air conditioner working against it. Your AC will certainly deliver the cold air you want, but it may not always remove the humidity.

What Causes Humidity?

Humidity is defined as water vapor or moisture in the air. Your local weather forecast will likely include a number identifying the percentage of humidity in your current atmosphere. Water vapor isn’t a liquid. It’s actually a gas. Humidity is the result of water evaporating into the air. The more water that evaporates, the higher the humidity level in the air.

Why You Should Eliminate Too Much Humidity

Your health and the health of loved ones is the reason humidity in the home should be addressed. Some humidity in the air is a good thing. The moisture can keep the skin soft and the eyes and nose from drying out. It also helps the body regulate its internal temperature and remove toxins and waste through the act of sweating. However, when high temperatures and high humidity are combined, the lives of humans and pets can be in danger. This combination can cause heatstroke and breathing problems and aggravate chronic illnesses.

Removing or reducing indoor humidity and improving air quality is an important task. If you have family members struggling with asthma, allergies or other lung-related health issues, it’s time to explore a remedy. The team at BEST Air Conditioning Plumbing Repair can help you find top-rated air quality equipment for your Las Vegas home. Our in-home air quality assessments can reveal the true condition of the air you breathe.

Can Using My AC Get Rid of Humidity?

The actual purpose of an air conditioner is to cool the air temperature inside your home. A side effect of the cooling process is the removal of humidity. The act of creating cold air has an automatic effect on hot humid air. This is because the evaporator coil inside your AC equipment absorbs heat by refrigerating it.

The coil becomes cold because of the refrigerant. When the blower fan pushes the hot air across the coil, the coil absorbs the heat. Remember, humidity is water vapor, and water vapor is a gas. As hot, humid air moves across the coil, the gas condenses back into its liquid form which is water. The drip tray below the coil captures the water.

How to Control Indoor Humidity

Your AC system isn’t engineered to remove humidity, but it is a great tool for reducing humidity. A more reliable way to consistently remove humidity is to add a dehumidifier to your existing setup. Many homeowners are inserting a whole-home dehumidifier as a protective layer in their indoor air quality plans. High levels of humidity can also cause mildew and molds to grow and encourage dust mites to gather in the home. The right dehumidifier can address these problems and support healthy indoor air.

Manufacturers are designing some beneficial products in the category of home humidity control. You can find models that are portable and easy to move from room to room. There are also products made to use in basements or damp crawl spaces. Whole-house units can be inserted near an AC unit or placed inside ductwork at important locations. Many humidity control products can be programmed to operate only when humidity levels are detected in the air.

The Condition of Your AC Matters

To keep your AC equipment and humidity device in good working order, regular maintenance is required. Condensate drains and refrigerated coils need to be cleaned seasonally. A qualified AC technician will clean the equipment, check for leaks and test the system for you. This keeps repair needs at a minimum.

BEST Air Conditioning Plumbing Repair has a certified team of technicians ready to serve you in Las Vegas. We can assist you with repairs, installations and maintenance for both heating and cooling systems. Locals also rely on us for residential plumbing services, including installing and repairing toilets, faucets, gas lines and more. We’re a BBB accredited and A+ rated company. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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